Three Important Reasons to Schedule Your Tooth-Colored Fillings, Miami

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  1. There are basically two kinds of tooth fillings. The first is metallic and the second variety is tooth-colored ones. In actuality, while placing fillings inside a tooth or teeth, the first step is the removal of the decayed part of the tooth. The area is cleaned up after that and then the cavity is filled up. It is on record that a filling which has been appropriately put may even last for five to as long as fifty years. The silver amalgam fillings are the most commonly used in the metallic fillings segment. These last for a long duration. However, the negative aspect of such fillings is that more of the tooth needs to be removed for placing these. Also, silver amalgam fillings can be placed inside the tooth even if it is wet. It does not require a dry environment.  Another disadvantage of silver amalgam fillings is that the silver in them expands and contracts. This change in size is not the same as that of the natural tooth which surrounds the filling. Hence, the natural portion of the tooth can start cracking up and cause sensitivity in the teeth and even breakage. Thus, it is more than imperative that silver amalgam fillings be checked up by the dentist at regular intervals.
  2. Some people are even worried about the mercury present in the silver amalgam fillings. However, as per the American Dental Association (ADA), there is no requirement for any kind of fear in using silver amalgam fillings. As per reports, a large percentage of the mercury present in the amalgam comes to the topmost portion of the filling while it is being placed inside the tooth. Hence, it gets removed while the dentist is shaping the filling.  The minuscule amount of mercury stays in the filling after it is placed into the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings, on the other hand, are very natural-looking and do not stand out when a person with them opens his or her mouth for smiling, talking or eating. Also, they bond straight on with the tooth and hence the dentist is not called upon to first remove a portion of the tooth for placing them in. Also, the surrounding tooth does not begin cracking up after placing these fillings since their shape and size remains the same and does not alter.
  3. One of the reasons to opt for composite tooth-colored fillings is the ease of the procedure when a portion of the mixture is to be replaced. The dentist can replace just one part of the filling without disturbing the rest of it. It is not as though he or she needs to replace the entire mixture if one area is giving problems. However, composite fillings require a dry environment for placement. These cannot be placed in the tooth is wet. Also, the procedure for their installation is more complicated than that for deployment of silver amalgam fillings. This could mean that one needs to be in the dental clinic for a longer duration of time.

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