Best Dental Practices

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Dental hygiene is a vital aspect of our daily healthcare routine and should not be neglected at all. A healthy mouth is the key to a healthy body. We take you through some of the best dental practices for everyday oral care.


  1. Brush Regularly: Brush your teeth twice a day. This not only helps keep your teeth clean, but also eliminates bad breath and minimizes chances of any infection. The right technique of brushing also matters a lot, so does realizing the fact that while brushing up to twice a day is healthy, over-brushing could be bad for your oral health.
  2. Eat a balanced diet:  A balanced intake of nutrition will ensure strong gums and teeth.
  3. Control sugar intake: Those with too much of a sweet tooth may also end up having too much of an unhealthy tooth without proper care.  Sugar, along with the bacteria in dental plaque, causes production of acids in the mouth that further lead to cavities and gum disease
  4. Avoid Tobacco and Caffeine: Limit your intake of caffeinated drinks and tobacco as these cause staining of teeth and significantly increase the risk of developing gum problems and oral cancer.
  5. See your dentist regularly: Regular checkups with a trained and experienced dental practitioner come a long way in developing great oral health and early detection and treatment of any underlying problems.